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Affordable Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When you are looking for affordable hardwood floor refinishing in Colorado Springs, you have several options. We would love the opportunity to be one of your options. With years of experience, our expert craftsman and floor restoration technicians are here to help you restore your hardwood floors to being like new.

Whether you are needing hard wood flooring repairs, sanding, staining, and refinishing, our staff is ready to assist you in your residential or commercial flooring project. Call us today at (719) 937-4427 for a FREE, no obligation, no hassle quote. Our company prides itself on being so affordable while also providing top notch service and products. We are definitely champagne products and service on a beer budget.


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Local Family Owned Hardwood Floor Refinishing Contractors

Who you choose to go with for your flooring repair or refinish project matters. We recommend no matter who you end up working with, go with local, family owned floor refinishing contractors. Typically you will find better service, better quality of products, and better quality of work with a small local business.

When thinking of refinishing hard wood floors, you have many options including do it yourself. However, we recommend having professionals come out, inspect your floors, give unbiased advice as to the best path forward and leave you with a quote for the costs.

When getting quotes from different contractors, it’s also a good idea to request references, ask for examples of their work, and check for any online reviews.

Flooring Contractor You Can Trust

It’s important when researching flooring contractors to be completely comfortable with who you choose to help you with your flooring project. Our experienced team of flooring professionals not only do an amazing job of installing new floors, but we also excel at refinishing hard wood floors. And we stand by our work, 100% of the time!

You can trust that we will give you a no hassle, no obligation, quote that is affordable. And you can trust that we will give you honest and no bull advise on your floors. If it’s best to refinish them, we’ll tell you that and give all the info on your options. If it’d be better to replace your floors, we’ll tell you that too. And we’ll recommend the best products for either refinishing or replacing. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your hardwood floor refinishing in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Refinishing Vs. Replacing Hardwood Floors

Whether you decide to go with refinishing or replacing hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong as far as adding value to your home. Now, there are more factors that go into adding value to a property than just sanding down some old wood floors or slapping on some new ones. Factors such as market conditions, location, other maintenance of the home and more. But as far as a flooring options go, refinishing hard wood floors can be a value add by refreshing and restoring the appearance of your home. It can create a clean and updated look and feel. Refinishing can correct any imperfections in the floors, such as deep scratches, stains, or dents. Costs of refinishing vs. replacing hardwood floors depends on many factors as well. Refinishing consists of sanding, staining, and putting on a new finish. Costs of each service will vary and for the most part, refinishing will be less costly than replacing. But depending on the size of the area needed, the complexity of the project and the finishes you’d like, the costs will be effected.

Costs to replace include removal and disposal of current flooring, purchasing of new flooring materials, and labor for installation. If it makes sense with your specific situation, refinishing can be the best option. But to know for sure, give the experts a call at 719-937-4427 to schedule a FREE estimate and at home quote.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors In Dry Climate

You know how dry our climate in Colorado Springs can be. And when you are thinking of refinishing hardwood floors in a dry climate, there are a few things to think about to minimize potential problems. First is acclimation. If you are installing new hardwood floors in a dry climate, you want the wood to acclimate to the climate. This can involve storing the wood in an area for a specific installation period so they can adjust to the climate. Humidity control is crucial. Keeping the humidity level in your home (typically between 35% and 55%) at a proper level is important to help minimize the risk of the wood contracting and causing gaps and cracks after refinishing. Make sure to go with the right finish that is suitable for dry climates. Water based are typically best.
Proper sanding and sealing is crucial as well. You need the wood surface to be absolutely smooth. This will help the finish adhere better to the wood and leave you with a beautiful looking finish as well. Also applying multiple coats of the finish helps create a protective barrier against moisture and wear and tear.
Make sure to keep up with regular maintenance on your floors. Especially in dry climates, it’s important to keep them well maintained. Regular cleaning with hardwood floor cleaners, cleaning up spills quickly and putting down area rugs or furniture pads will protect against scratches and dents in your hardwood floors.

Work with a professional hardwood floor refinishing contractor. The guidance and expertise they can offer on refinishing your hardwood floors and keeping them maintained for years to come is invaluable. Working with professionals such as our team will make sure the process is done correctly and your floors are properly protected for years to come.
Give our team a Call at 719-937-4427 to get on our schedule for a free at home estimate. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your hardwood floor refinishing project in Colorado Springs.


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