Hardwood floor refinishing is an excellent flooring option compared to replacing your wood floor surfaces. We can help bring your old wood flooring surfaces back to life. Whether you have scratches, gauges, or they are just looking a little dull, let Southern Co Flooring give them new life with a good refinish.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Not only is it more cost effective to refinish your old wood floors instead of replace them, but it is also more environmentally safe. Plus, it is pretty common to have your wood floors refinished every 7-10 years. Just make sure your wood floors are thick enough to withstand a refinish. If they are not thick enough, the refinish could strip away most of the old floor.

We only use the best products and best techniques to make your hard wood floors shine again. You could be sitting on a gold mine of value with your hard wood floors, especially if you pull up some old carpet and notice hard woods underneath. And just by refinishing you could add some great value to your home! Call (719) 937-4427 for more info.

What’s All Involved In Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing your hard wood floors can involve sanding down old flooring, buffing out scratches or gauges, and re-staining to an existing or even new color for your floor. Keep in mind that most hard wood floors will need some sort of stain anyway to keep them looking nice and as new as possible.


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Top Reasons To Go With Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors


The first reason that makes the most sense to refinish your hardwood floors instead of replacing them is the cost comparison. It is more expensive to replace your wood floors than to refinish them. And not only that, but refinishing your wood floors is more environmentally safe than a full replacement. This is because it saves from having to cut down more trees and sometimes exotic species of wood to get your new floor installed.

How do you know if your wood floors need to be refinished? There are some easy ways to tell.

  • If you have major scratches and dents in your wood floors.
  • If your wood floors are cupping. (this means that most likely moisture has gotten to the edges of the wood planks and the edges are higher than the center causing a concave shape).
  • Another problem can be splinters and I don’t think that needs any additional explanation.
  • Gray floorboards which indicates that there has been some water damage at some point.
  • Water stains can be another problem that would need some refinishing help to remove.
  • Faded or discoloration of floor boards. This can be from exposure to UV lights if sun comes in from the windows on to the floors over time.


Can I make my floors look good again without refinishing?

There are certainly a few thing you can do on your own to try and make your floors look new or at least good again if you are not wanting to get them refinished.

You can try buffing out your floors and polishing with a commercial grade buffer.

Another option is you can use a hard wood floor polishing sealant.

Or you can clean markers with a little bit of tooth paste and a clean cloth to wipe it up.

Lastly there is the option of using a wood floor cleaner or oil soap that will supply a high gloss clean.

If you are like most people though, the DIY options may not be what you want to tackle or try. You can let the professionals at Southern Co Flooring refinish your floor and you can know that it will come out great and look as close to new as humanely possible. Give us a call today at the number right below to start the process of finding out how we can help you have floors you can be proud of and love to live life on.

Rely On Southern Co Flooring To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

When you go with Southern Co Flooring to refinish your hard wood floors, you can be sure you are going with the best and the experts. We have been refinishing wood floors for years and you can trust that when we come to your home and work with you, we will complete the job on time and on budget.

Customer service is always our top priority so we invite you to give us a try. We will come to your home, answer all your flooring and refinishing questions, give you a no hassle quote, and schedule the time to start the project. You can rely on us to get your flooring project done!


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