Modern Hardwood floors are an excellent flooring choice for your home in Pueblo, CO, and nearby areas. Modern hardwood flooring installation services add class value and aesthetically pleasing attributes to your home. Versatile enough to go in many different rooms. It works for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and mud rooms.

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Best Modern Hardwood Flooring SERVICES

There are also two different types of hardwood flooring services you can use. There are solid wood floors or engineered wood flooring.
Solid wood flooring is the most traditional flooring material used in flooring projects. It is durable, strong, and a beautiful flooring material. Since it’s a bit more expensive than engineered hardwood floors, you must consider a few factors before deciding. Solid wood floors can warp if you are in high-moisture areas like basements or below-grade rooms. It needs to be maintained more than engineered wood as well potentially.
Engineered hardwood flooring has taken the look and feel of solid wood floors but has removed the risk of warping and some of the required maintenance of solid wood. It is like the reliable wood option but has a layer of hardwood on the surface and a backing made from a special plywood. Engineered floors do not warp; they will not scratch and can be installed anywhere in the home.
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Why go with Southern hardwood floors?

When you choose to go with Southern hardwood floors, here are some things to think about and consider. Where are you putting the floor and what types of activities happen in that space? If you put it in the kitchen or bathroom where it might be more likely to be around moisture, you may need a different hardwood floor designs than if it’s in bedrooms or living room areas.

Also, do you want a harder wood or softer wood? The harder the wood, the less likely it is for that wood to gouge or dent. Now if you want the character of a soft wood floor that has dents, gouges, and scrapes so it looks lived on, go with that.

What type of traditional flooring materials do you want? There are many classic domestic woods like oak, maple, and cherry wood flooring materials that have different attributes for each. You can choose colors to stain, and the width of the board for each of these. There are also exotic woods like Brazilian redwood, Australian cypress, and Black Acacia. These may or not be available and costs may be a little higher than domestic wood floors as well.

What type Of hardwood flooring is the best?

The best hardwood flooring can be a subjective subject. Some people might want it pre-finished, while others want to have it finished after hardwood flooring installation services. Others might want solid wood floors compared to engineered wood floors. Regardless of where you think you are in this debate, the best woods are almost always those that are a wood species that is readily available and those that are harder woods.

Be sure to always take time to think about the area you are installing best and modern hardwood floors to help answer what is the best for you. The level of traffic in the area, potential moisture, best wood floor colors, and other engineered wood flooring maintenance responsibilities are things you need to think through. If you have any questions like these and want professional answers, give us a call at the number below to set up a free consultation.

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So there are many types of hardwood flooring you can go with. Whichever you decide you want to go with, pick professional hardwood flooring contractors to get the installation done in your home. We have decades of experience and expert knowledge on what hardwood floors may work for your space.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority so when you want answers, we deliver. We provide professional residential projects and commercial modern hardwood flooring services. And the great thing about working with us and your current hardwood floors is that we also do sanding and resurfacing engineered hardwood floors work.

Give us a call today at (719) 937-4427 to set up your free on-site estimate where our hardwood floor specialist will advise you on your choices and go over our installation process and costs. We leave no stone uncovered when we go over your options and make sure you are completely comfortable moving forward to get your new hardwood floor installed by the best flooring contractors in Pueblo, CO, and surrounding southern areas.


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