Vineland Colorado Landmarks And Attractions

Vineland, Colorado with it’s landmarks and attractions is actually called a census-designated place in Pueblo County Colorado. Considered another suburb of Pueblo, Colorado, it is served as far as post office’s go and education by the Pueblo post office and Pueblo school system. The CDP can be found just east of the St Charles River on the east side of Highway 50. Wouldn’t you know too, that the area is known for it’s family operated vegetable farms. It’s population is just over 250 people.

We’ll show some well know or maybe not so well know attractions and landmarks in the City of Pueblo below which is where Vineland is located.

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Pueblo Zoo

Come on over to check out the Pueblo Zoo while visiting Vineland and Pueblo. There are over 420 animals representing over 140 different species from all over the world in this zoo. It’s family friendly and a great time for everyone to meander around and look at the animals and exhibits. It’s 30 acres are pretty flat and easy to navigate as well.

You can come and see the animals all year round as well. Located in Pueblo’s City Park which means that you can explore the park as well as the zoo in the same day. Pricing for the Zoo will cost anywhere from $0 for kids ages 0-2 up to $14 for adults ages 18-64 with different pricing less than $14 for those in other age categories.

Address – 3455 Nuckolls Ave, Pueblo, CO 81005


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Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo

The Historic Arkansas River walk in Pueblo is a mile long channel that runs through the heart of downtown Pueblo, Colorado along the Arkansas River. Not only does the river walk have great views and scenery, but it also is where you can find some great shopping and eating at the shops, bars, and restaurants that line the walk.

Along with those venues, you can also enjoy casually strolling along and looking at the 54 pieces of art work that line the walkway as well. That makes for a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon or evening. The river walk has become quite the attraction, drawing over 500,000 tourists every year. It even has a gondola and two riverboats purchased from the San Antonio Rivewalk in Texas that tourists and locals alike can take a ride in down the river.

Address – 101 N Union Ave, Pueblo, CO 81003

El Pueblo History Museum

While in Pueblo, come and check out El Pueblo History Museum. Pueblo is home to 10 museums including this one and others for railroad history, art education, children’s museum for art, military and aircraft, Colorado Heritage, interactive news and communications, and the old steel mill.

This museum presents the history of Pueblo, Colorado with its ethnic and cultural groups of the region. Dating back to the 1840’s with its adobe style post office until more recent days, it shows all that has happened in the history of the great city of Pueblo.

Address – 301 N Union Ave, Pueblo, CO 81003

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The city of Pueblo is also known as the city of heroes because of the 4 medal of honor recipients from the city over its history. It is also known as the Pittsburgh of the west because of the steel mill (which no longer operates) but used to pump out steel for manufacturers all over the country.

If you find yourself in Vineland Colorado and want to explore, hopefully this has been some helpful information for you. There is always something to do no matter where you find yourself, if you know where to look.


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